3 Qualities of People Who Are Great at Relationships

What makes one person great at relationships and another experience one failed relationship after another?

p-cdc-women chattingAre some people just “better” at relationships than others? Is it possible to take on the qualities of someone who is great at relationships?

There are 3 essential qualities of people who really know how to create strong, emotionally healthy relationships.

These are qualities to look for in potential partners and to strengthen in yourself so you can be the best partner possible.

All 3 qualities can be learned and mastered with a little effort and determination.

It’s well worth it to put the effort in because in the long run you’ll experience calmer, more connected relationships – not just with your intimate partners but also with your parents, children, friends, and coworkers!

The 3 Qualities That Create Great Relationships:

Quality #1 – They Are Good Communicators

What happens if you have a problem or issue in your relationship? How will you resolve it? Good, clear communication is key in avoiding and resolving issues. Finding a partner who is willing and able to talk with you even when it’s tough will make it more likely that your relationship will stand the test of time.

What about people with bad communication skills? Good communication skills CAN be learned. You just need to be willing to do the work. You can learn by picking up a book on effective communication or by booking a coaching session with me to help you get the skills you need. Once you start learning better communication skills you need to practice them. Practice using active listening, expressing your emotions clearly using “I feel” statements, and being respectful and understanding of other’s viewpoints. You’ll find the more you use your new skills, the easier it will be to get your point across and be empathetic towards your partner.

Quality #2 – They Are Willing to Be Open and Honest

It doesn’t matter how great of a communicator you are or your partner is if there isn’t open and honest communication. What makes it difficult is that feelings, wants, and needs can be scary to share. Sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings can leave you feeling vulnerable and open to rejection. Learning how to manage your feelings around rejection will help you be more open and honest in your relationship.

First, work with your partner to create a safe, judgment free environment where you can both be open and honest about your thoughts and feelings. Next, start small by practicing being open and honest about unimportant things like what you thought of a certain book or movie. As you’re able to more freely share move onto other, more difficult subjects. You’ll begin to gain more confidence in your ability to share as well as a deeper trust in your partner that they will listen to your feelings, thoughts, and opinions.

Quality #3 – They Are Trustworthy

Trust is a crucial component of a healthy relationship. To have trust, you both must be trustworthy partners to each other. By being trustworthy you are fostering a relationship where each of you can have privacy without fear of what your partner is “hiding” from you. You are also fostering a relationship where you can both be open and honest with each other without fear of judgment, retribution, or rejection. Trust in each other is a great foundation on which to build your life together.

The best way to be a more trustworthy partner is to take your partners trust in you seriously because trust is difficult to regain once you’ve lost it. You should avoid participating in activities that your partner would consider a breach of trust. If you’re unsure of how your partner would view an activity you are considering, ask them beforehand. If there are specific activities that you would not like your partner to participate in, make sure you let them know. Each relationship has different rules, so clarify with your partner BEFORE an issue arises.

Keep in mind…

If you’re in a relationship right now and notice that some of these qualities are lacking in yourself or your partner – don’t panic! Just work on gaining more skills in the areas you feel weakest and keep moving in a more positive, emotionally healthy direction in your relationship.

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