9 Sweet Ways to Show You Love Her

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Getting stuck in the day to day rut of life can rob you of the joy that a deeply connected, loving relationship can bring you. No matter what is going on in your life, you have something special – love. Each and every day you can choose whether you’re going to strengthen that love or let it fade away. Keep your bond strong and your relationship healthy by acknowledging each other and the love you share. So don’t let a day go by without showing her you love her.

Keep her starry eyed…

If you want to keep her starry eyed in love with you, try these 10 simple ways to show her you love her. Most of these suggestions only take a moment but the difference they will create in your relationship over time is immense.

Say It

  • Say “I love you” or “Je t’aime” or “Te amo.” However you say it, just say it and say it often!
  • Express gratitude. Tell her how grateful you are for her.
  • Tell her what you love about her.

Write It

  • Leave her a note on her bedside table or in the cereal box. Let her know you love her with a simple handwritten note hidden for her to find.
  • Craft a poem, haiku, or sonnet for her. It can be silly, romantic, or sensual. It doesn’t matter as long as you put love into it.
  • Send her a text message. Let her know you miss her, can’t wait to see her or you think she has a cute bottom!

Show It

  • Do something helpful for her. Hang up her jacket, wash the dishes, or offer to drive the kids to school. Do it with no expectations or strings attached. Just because.
  • Bring her home a bar of chocolate, a movie, or flowers.
  • Give her an ol’ fashion hug. Hugs can heal, express deep emotions, and give you the warm fuzzies all day long!

Every couple has their own way of expressing love to each other. You may have pet names, a special greeting when you get home from work, or some other love ritual. It’s important to keep those special rituals and honor them in your relationship. As you keep them, add in some new ones for variety and as a way to give your partner a special, new love surprise. The key is to make it a daily activity – acknowledging and sharing your love with each other.

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