About Amy McDonald

Amy is a writer, wellness coach, yoga teacher and the Founder of The Happy Healthy Lesbian .com.

Amy works with queer women to help them identify their wellness goals and ambitions, and then to map out the route to achieve those goals. A 20-something year student of Yoga, Amy draws on these ancient teachings as well as her training in coaching, wellness and nutrition to guide, encourage and inspire queer women to live happy and healthy lives.

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Get More Time with this Simple Technique

The idea of cleanliness and living without clutter is, of course, not new. It’s fairly old, in fact, as old as… you guessed it… Yoga. In ‘Big Y Yoga’ (i.e. the yoga that is more than just the pretzels on the sticky mat), we recognize that there are certain ways of conducting ourselves as yogis   [read more]

Naughty Desire and the Kama Sutra

The Kama Sutra. Heard of it? It’s the naughty book from ancient India with all of the sexual positions for hetero folks. (And I’m fairly sure there is a lesbian Kama Sutra, too. Although it’s not quite as old…) Now before you get all hot under the collar, this is not going to be an   [read more]

Love Your Body Like a Diamond

You know that time with a new lover—after a little of the frenetic, hyper-crazy lust has dissipated—that you take time together to have sex slowly and luxuriously? It’s the time when you can explore each other more fully, and delight in the new found privacy you’re sharing. You’re feeling infatuated. Each new curve is exciting.   [read more]

The Power of Journaling

Seven years ago I went through a powerfully painful, life-shattering breakup. (We’ve all been there, right?) Over the following four years I rebuilt myself using a variety of tools and methods, which included excellent food choices, daily yoga and meditation, nourishing friendships, supportive coaching and counseling, regular juice fasting and detox practices, travel and… journaling. My journaling   [read more]

Two fun and easy ways to pleasure your partner

Wouldn’t you like to know two easy ways to pleasure your partner? If I had my way, everyone would do Yoga, and all couples would practice partner Yoga together as a way to deepen their connection with each other and, well, work on the sh*t. And I think I’d prescribe a Yoga retreat at least   [read more]

Three Essential Yoga Poses to Love Up Your Relationship

For most folks, Yoga is something that you go to once or twice a week to feel relaxed, more bendy, or because your partner tells you to (!). But, as a certified Yoga geek, I’m here to tell you that there is so much more to Yoga. In fact, Yoga poses can be used as   [read more]