About Mark Reinert

Mark Reinert is a relationship coach and erotic educator who is fiercely committed to guiding gay and bisexual men who want to experience remarkable relationships, erotic fulfillment and solid self-confidence.

Since 2004, he has offered over 100 workshops and founded the Male Healthy Touch Club which has impacted thousands of men in North America and around the world. Mark's clients regularly report discovering new dimensions of wellbeing, self-acceptance and relationship connection. Mark is a member of the Relationship Coaching Institute and a founding member of the Gay Coaches Alliance.

7 Cornerstones of Emotional Safety in Gay Relationships

We experience the presence or lack of emotional safety in physical, emotional and mental ways. Both feeling safe and not feeling safe can be intense, and powerful because they are felt in so many different dimensions at once. When you don’t feel safe with someone, it’s important to assess the severity of the situation, the   [read more]

Are you putting up with “less than” and settling in your gay relationship journey?

Here’s a question worth some thought.  Will you take what you can get or go for what you want in your gay relationship journey? It’s a million dollar question.  After all, over the course of a lifetime, few things bring more happiness – or ruin it more – than intimate relationships. There is a lot   [read more]

Do you believe a gay relationship is possible for you?

More times than I can count, I’ve heard gay and bisexual men say they’ve given up looking for love.  This comes up in conversations and even more in surveys where many men feel safer to speak their mind. The plague of giving up and not believing a gay relationship is possible Giving up is a   [read more]

5 Ways to Create Emotional Safety for Your Partner

Whether you’re having a conversation with a friend or spending time with a date or life partner, how you interact with him can help him feel safe. Or not. You have a big impact in creating the conditions where it feels safe for him to let down his normal reserve – his armor – and   [read more]

How to Know When You’ve Recovered After A Gay Relationship Breakup

Relationships can be the most rewarding – and sometimes the most emotionally risky – things that people experience. You’re likely to be the most keenly aware of both the risks and the rewards when you’ve recently broken up, but haven’t fully recovered from the experience. Some breakups are more difficult than others to recover from.   [read more]

Dealing with Difficult Truths in Gay Relationships

Most of us have had the pretty common relationship challenge at some time or another (especially with the people closest to us) where you just can’t seem to talk to each other without one or both of you getting upset. Four typical (and often unhelpful) reactions to relationships challenges Sometimes we need to say something   [read more]

Improving Gay Relationships by Getting Better at Receiving Feedback

I was once involved in a business training with about 30 other people where we spent most of the day in groups of 3 practicing new skills together. After each round of practice, the person whose turn it had been to practice received specific feedback from the others in the group on how they did   [read more]

Leading relationship experts launch ground-breaking online portal dedicated to supporting successful LGBT relationships

[FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE] April 2, 2014 Announcing: LGBTRelationshipNetwork.org Even with increasing acceptance of gay marriage there are few available resources to support the success of committed relationships for those who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender. Until now. Leading relationship coaches and educators have banded together to create an online resource focused on relationship   [read more]

Are you creating community or looking for love?

One of the challenges for gay men, lesbians and others in the LGBT spectrum is that our close friends can also be candidates for intimate relationships. Because we draw friends and life partners from the same pool, there is a much greater risk of disappointment and unpleasant experiences .While straight people can have friends of   [read more]