7 Cornerstones of Emotional Safety in Gay Relationships

We experience the presence or lack of emotional safety in physical, emotional and mental ways. Both feeling safe and not feeling safe can be intense, and powerful because they are felt in so many different dimensions at once. When you don’t feel safe with someone, it’s important to assess the severity of the situation, the   [read more]

Who Wears the Pants? How to Respond with Grace & Positivity

Offensive remark? Or opportunity for education? I recently attended a gathering and overheard some people discussing a relative who had come out as lesbian and married her longterm female partner. The piece of the discussion that caught my attention was, “What do we call this person? Who wore the suit and who wore the dress   [read more]

The Power of Journaling

Seven years ago I went through a powerfully painful, life-shattering breakup. (We’ve all been there, right?) Over the following four years I rebuilt myself using a variety of tools and methods, which included excellent food choices, daily yoga and meditation, nourishing friendships, supportive coaching and counseling, regular juice fasting and detox practices, travel and… journaling. My journaling   [read more]

Orientation vs Behavior vs Identity: Labeling Bisexuals

In light of the March 20 article in the New York Times, “The Scientific Quest to Prove Bisexuality Exists,” I feel compelled to address the topic of orientation vs behavior vs identity and labeling bisexuals. Bisexuals, especially, can identify with the differences associated with these different concepts, but they often get muddy for others whether   [read more]

Why Lesbians Don’t Ask Women Out

By Mary G. Malia Lesbians don’t ask women out?  It’s true on a global scale. Is it true for you? Do you hesitate to ask LGBT women out? It’s a big reason dating in all-women communities can be tough. Why Is It That Lesbians Don’t Ask Women Out? There are two reasons that I’ve found:   [read more]

The Value of Bisexuality: Being “both/and” in an “either/or” world

by Inara de Luna When I sat down to write this article on bisexuality, I struggled with defining a new writing voice, one that would be appropriate for this site. I recently completed my Masters degree which required a lot of academic writing, and the founders of the LGBTRelationshipNetwork quite rightly require us to cite credible   [read more]

Coming Out: The Good, Bad, and Ugly Of Being A Late Bloomer

by Rick Clemons I was 38, thirteen years into a marriage, with a 9 month old and a 4 year old when I bloomed. A little late, but the petals still bloomed the colors of the rainbow. One of the things I’ve learned along the way, both in my practice and socially, is that whether   [read more]

Being Highly Sensitive and Gay

By Michael Parise A lot of gay men I know, including myself, have related their experience of having felt “different” at a very young age.  Many gay men have attributed this feeling to their sexual identity.  I discovered later in life that a much more powerful issue was at the heart of my feeling isolated   [read more]