What’s really important…

Last weekend I got a scare. Luckily it wasn’t a bad one but it did make me “adjust my perspective” about what is really important in my life. I was home watching our littlest and watering the house plants when my partner called me. We usually text each other and she’d already texted saying she   [read more]

Real Men Are Enablers  

Dysfunction usually involves two parties: the person with the self-destructive behavior and a second person who encourages or makes easier the negative or self-destructive behavior. We call this second person an enabler. Most enablers realize too late that they’ve been sucked into an ever-increasing downward spiral centered on a sick dynamic.  And contrary to popular   [read more]

How I Woke Up One Day With Kids…

Leaving my old relationship and beginning a new one I found myself suddenly a parent. I hadn’t been single for long, having just left my long term relationship. I was riding an emotional roller coaster of ups and downs but I was also enjoying a comfortable life of doing what I wanted, when I wanted,   [read more]

The Secret to Creating Special Quality Time Rituals for Deeper Connection

by Christine Dunn-Cunningham What’s a pancake got to do with it? Every Sunday my partner and I have a special Sunday morning ritual. Since we don’t have to get up early, we sleep in, and cuddle with each other until we get hungry enough to wander downstairs for breakfast. Our real Sunday morning ritual starts there   [read more]

Coming Out: The Good, Bad, and Ugly Of Being A Late Bloomer

by Rick Clemons I was 38, thirteen years into a marriage, with a 9 month old and a 4 year old when I bloomed. A little late, but the petals still bloomed the colors of the rainbow. One of the things I’ve learned along the way, both in my practice and socially, is that whether   [read more]

Being Highly Sensitive and Gay

By Michael Parise A lot of gay men I know, including myself, have related their experience of having felt “different” at a very young age.  Many gay men have attributed this feeling to their sexual identity.  I discovered later in life that a much more powerful issue was at the heart of my feeling isolated   [read more]