9 Sweet Ways to Show You Love Her

Getting stuck in the day to day rut of life can rob you of the joy that a deeply connected, loving relationship can bring you. No matter what is going on in your life, you have something special – love. Each and every day you can choose whether you’re going to strengthen that love or let   [read more]

Marriage Bells are Ringing: One Man’s Story

I never thought I’d ever consider marrying – that marriage bells would ring for me.  And at my age of 62 I could not imagine another huge life change.  But then I had left 37 years of life connected to the church, had tried out a couple of administrative jobs, and finally landed as a life   [read more]

What Kind of Wedding – And Marriage – Do You Want?

Not everyone wants to get married. In fact, for most of our lives, Michelle and I didn’t want to get married, either. Early on in our relationship, over 8 years ago now, the topic of marriage came up – but at the time it was an impulse, not yet truly right for us, and also   [read more]