The Secret to Creating Special Quality Time Rituals for Deeper Connection

by Christine Dunn-Cunningham

Stack of heart-shaped pancakes with syrup and strawberryWhat’s a pancake got to do with it?

Every Sunday my partner and I have a special Sunday morning ritual. Since we don’t have to get up early, we sleep in, and cuddle with each other until we get hungry enough to wander downstairs for breakfast. Our real Sunday morning ritual starts there – in the kitchen.

Every Sunday morning we make a special pancake breakfast together. It gives us time to connect with each other, have fun listening to music and dancing around the kitchen with the kids and dogs. Our special ritual starts days before with my partner finding a yummy 5 star rated pancake recipe on her favorite foodie website. Trying something new together is a huge part of the experience. We both love food and the anticipation of the next delicious pancake creation gives us something to drool over all week long!

Once in the kitchen (crazy hair, pj pants and all), she starts the batter while I get the pans ready. I’m the cook for her amazing pancake creations. She mixes the recipes up perfect and I throw on some bacon or sausages to go with our breakfast. As we crisscross the kitchen gathering ingredients, pans, and mixing bowls, we take time to connect. I grab her for a kiss or she brushes her hand across my back. We dance around each other and sing along to the latest pop song. It’s a magical way to start our Sunday morning, together as a family, having fun, laughing, and reconnecting after a busy week.

Creating Your Own Special Rituals

Creating special family quality time and rituals is important for sustaining deep connection in your relationship. We have our special Sunday pancake breakfasts, friends of ours have “sacred Sundays” where they plan special time for just the two of them to connect, and another couple spends Saturday mornings at the local Farmer’s Market. It’s not important what you do during your special time together, what’s important is creating quality time together on a regular basis. By setting aside special quality time and honoring rituals that deepen your connection, you’re strengthening your relationship and reminding each other why you’ve chosen to spend your life together.

So, how do you create special rituals in your relationship? First look at what you already like doing together as a couple. What are activities that you both enjoy? It’s important to identify activities that both of you love doing together and want to do on a regular basis. If you can’t think of any activities, brainstorm activities you would like to do with each other regularly. The best rituals take place every week at a certain time or place. They also encourage connecting through actions like talking, touching, or sharing special moments together. Once you’ve settled on a special activity, put it into each of your schedules and commit to the time together. Take this special time together seriously and avoid cancelling or rescheduling it.

The Key to Deep Connection

The key to a deep connection in your relationship is consciously fostering it through various activities. Use quality time rituals like our special Sunday pancake breakfasts to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company regularly. It’ll help you create a stronger and more emotionally rich relationship.

About Christine Dunn-Cunningham

ChristineDunn-Cunningham150Christine Dunn-Cunningham specializes in helping lesbians and other members of the LGBT community create deeply connected, passionate relationships that last. She helps singles find their soul mates and couples communicate better, connect more deeply, and move past issues that plague their relationship.

Christine’s trained with Christian Mickelson and is a graduate of Tony Robbins Mastery University. She’s also a founding member of Impact (International Membership of Professional Advisers, Coaches, and Trainers) and is a Certified Extraordinary Coach, Peace Process Master Practitioner, Reiki Coach, Instant Miracle Coach, and Certified Rapid Coach.

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