“Pass the Carbs, Please.”

Oh, the Holidays. They can mean so many different things to so many different people.  It can be about the warmth and comfort of being with family. It can be about making your own traditions with your own unconventional, modern family. It can be about just getting through it with a carefully planned, tactical playbook,   [read more]

Turning Over A New Leaf

“What was I thinking?” One of the things I really need to get better about is my impulsive nature.  I have a tendency to jump right in without thinking things through. This applies to anything, really. For instance, last year, my wife and I were casually chatting over breakfast about kittens and she said “What   [read more]

Is it love or lust?

by Megan Luscombe Is anybody else a die hard romantic when it comes down to it? I know I am. I’ve read pretty much all of the famous love stories and as for the latest romcom, I’ve watched them all at least twice. Most of my friends would heckle me by saying I’m “cheesy”, but I   [read more]

It All Comes Back to Balance

There is no doubt that we live in a society now that demands…well…basically …everything: a thriving career, a fulfilling social life, strong family ties, happy relationships, good health, solid finances, passions, creativity and physical activity- just to name a few things. But how on earth are we supposed to maintain those things with only 24   [read more]

Saving Yourself For Marriage Is Back On The Table

by Manny Cosme A friend of mine is a devout Christian, growing up in a household that upheld the dogmatic principles of a particularly stricter sub-sect of this religious philosophy. Like many of his peers, he took a vow of chastity when he was a teenager, promising to save his sexual explorations until he was properly   [read more]

Secrets for Becoming a Gay ‘Rockstar’ Super-Couple

by Brian Rzepczynski, DHS, MSW The results of a recent 2-year study by social scientists at The Open University, funded by The Economic and Social Research Council, have just been released. The “Enduring Love? Couple Relationships in the 21st Century” project reveals that gay couples report greater relationship quality and satisfaction than their heterosexual counterparts.   [read more]

Being Highly Sensitive and Gay

By Michael Parise A lot of gay men I know, including myself, have related their experience of having felt “different” at a very young age.  Many gay men have attributed this feeling to their sexual identity.  I discovered later in life that a much more powerful issue was at the heart of my feeling isolated   [read more]