Would I Date Me?

Sometimes life comes along and snaps you out of your misery pit and you end up asking yourself, “Would I date me?” Once when I was in my late 30’s, totally single, and working as a medical case manager for a big insurance company, I found myself in a situation. Being a lesbian with a soft   [read more]

Three Essential Yoga Poses to Love Up Your Relationship

For most folks, Yoga is something that you go to once or twice a week to feel relaxed, more bendy, or because your partner tells you to (!). But, as a certified Yoga geek, I’m here to tell you that there is so much more to Yoga. In fact, Yoga poses can be used as   [read more]

Don’t Let Self Care Wither when New Relationships Blossom

by Amy McDonald Technically, I’m a wellness coach: I specialize in supporting queer women live their best lives. You could say that the relationships I’m interested in really working with, then, are the relationships my clients have with themselves. Self-care, self love, morning rituals, wellness and spiritual practices are all part of the tool kit I   [read more]